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Well Control Scenario Training

GeoTechInvest has led the development of Well Control Scenario training that includes simulations and drills for low-probability, high consequence emergency events.
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GeoTechInvest uses extensive Petroleum Industry experience in providing specific solutions to the oil and gas business. Based in The Netherlands, GeoTechInvest is presently supplying expertise to a range of companies including those active in the Drilling and Wells sector.

GeoTechInvest offers the following services: 


We are actively involved in the development of a new well control training course that will better prepare drilling rig crews for dealing with unexpected well control events. Using a full sized rig floor drilling simulator we put the teams through their paces as we simulate real well control situations and assess how they perform under extreme stress. To find out more about what we're doing read our case study Well Control Scenario Training.  


This service is normally provided over a set period of time with a pre-agreed workscope and may involve working in the client's office. Examples of recent projects performed in this way are provided in the Case Studies web page . 

Alternatively we can offer our consultancy service on an ad-hoc basis which can be done via meetings in the client's office, via telephone consultation or via provision of written advisory analysis. Examples of recent written analysis are provided in the Articles web page.

GeoTechInvest is a flexible and responsive company committed to delivering "best for business" solutions for our clients. Please contact us to find out how we can help you find the right solution for your business.